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  1. Required Readings

Disease prevalence, disease incidence, and mortality in the United States and in England. Retrieved on 8/27/2012 at

National Vital Statistics Reports Volume 59 No. 4 March 16, 2011 Kochanek KD, Xu JQ, Murphy SL, et al. (2011). Deaths: Preliminary data for 2009. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National vital statistics reports; National Center for Health Statistics, 59 (4). Retrieved 8/27/2012 from the web.

National Vital Statistics Reports Volume 60 No. 4. Retrieved on 8/27/2012 from the web at


Read about the topic of “neonatal and post-neonatal mortality” and write a paper about this topic and the differences in rates in 3 different ethnic groups (ie. Caucasian, African-American, Latina) in the United States.


How do these ethnic groups compare with regards to the risk for neonatal mortality? Discuss factors that contribute to the differences in rates?


Provide a list of sources used at the end of your paper.


ASSIGNMENT EXPECTATIONS: Please read before completing assignments.


  • Assignment should be 2-3 pages in length (double-spaced).
  • Please use major sections corresponding to the major points of the assignment, and where appropriate use sub-sections (with headings).
  • Remember to write in a Scientific manner (try to avoid using the first person except when describing a relevant personal experience).
  • Quoted material should not exceed 10% of the total paper (since the focus of these assignments is on independent thinking and critical analysis). Use your own words and build on the ideas of others.
  • When material is copied verbatim from external sources, it MUST be properly cited. This means that material copied verbatim must be enclosed in quotes and the reference should be cited either within the text or with a footnote.
  • Use of peer-reviewed articles is strongly recommended. Websites as references should be minimal.


The following items will be assessed in particular:


1. PRECISION: Each of the questions of the assignment is specifically addressed in the paper.


2. CLARITY: The paper reads clearly (i.e., it is not confusing) and is well-structured.


3. BREADTH: The paper presents appropriate breadth covering the questions of the assignment.


4. DEPTH: The paper presents points that lead to a deeper understanding of the matters and/or issues being discussed and integrates several points into coherent conclusions.


5. CRITICAL THINKING: You set aside your own personal biases and instead approach the subject matter using available scholarly evidence. You consider the strengths and weaknesses of competing arguments/perspectives on this topic. Having read these scholarly sources, you make a judgment as to the merit of the arguments presented therein.


6. REFERENCES: A reference list is provided at the end of your paper (APA formatting not required, but preferred).


Keep in mind that “A” papers are truly exceptional works that go beyond simply answering the questions


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