short essay about tv and radio industry 5 paragraphs

I need an essay due monday morning. The essay must be written about the broadcasting industry of radio and television. The essay must be 5 paragraphs long and each paragraph must be a half page long double spaced. I will provide details on what to write for each paragraph and I am including a reference for the 3 industrys that i want to work in and what jobs do I want to do there. Citations are included by me and must be in APA format.



These are the 3 industries that must be mentioned and talked about in paragraghs 1. Z100, 92.3 and MTV as a host of a radio show or as an actress in a broadcast or cable network show.



These are the Citations that must be used in this essay.

1) MTV MTV jobs.html

2) 92.3 Now

3) Z100 z100 jobs.html

If these citations dont work, you can research for another website that is hiring for MTV, 92.3 and Z100 as an host of a radio show or as an actress.


General Guidelines:

  1. Come up with a good title for your paper.  It will help structure the paper.  Don’t title your paper “Short Paper 1” or anything as uninteresting as that.
  2. A fully developed paragraph in a normal font should take up at least a half a page.  If you have a paragraph that isn’t that long, you should think about how you extend it.
  3. Citations are best done in APA format (e.g.:  Author, year).


Address tv and radio industry in five paragraphs, structured as follows:

  1. In paragraph one, start by describing the industry segment of interest in general terms (what does this industry segment do) and then focus in on the kinds of things you want to do that attract you to the industry.  What kinds of jobs might you do in that industry.  End the paragraph by indicating that there are three institutions (usually companies, but not always) that you are particularly interested in.  Name them.
  2. In Paragraph two describe one of the companys/institutions, making use of the reference material you’ve found (this generally means doing citations inside the paragraph that point to references at the end of thte short paper. What kinds of opportunites do they offer.  What makes this company intersting?
  3. In Paragraph three describe your second institution/company of interst, again making use of the reference material you’ve found.  Don’t forget the citations and references.  What kinds of opportunites do they offer.  What makes this company intersting?
  4. In paragraph three describe the third institution/company, again citing your reference material. What kinds of opportunites do they offer.  What makes this company intersting?
  5. In the last paragraph reiterate that you’ve looked at three institutions/companies that you are interested in working at.  Then talk about the career path you envision having to follow there.  What kind of job would you expect to have first.  What would you need to do to grow into your next desired position.  This is an opportunity to imagine a career path from a staring position to a desired position.



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