Sociological Homelessness as a Social Problem Presentation




Overview of this Assignment: 

This assignment requires you present a sociological analysis of a social problem that interests you.  You will research the social problem, analyze the problem sociologically, and utilize a global perspective in presenting solutions that another country (or countries) around the world use to address this social problem.

You will then arrange this information in a creative, engaging and well-crafted visual presentation using any of the following formats: video, prezi, blog, power point or podcast. (Please note that if you are going to create a podcast, you must also submit a written transcript of your entire podcast that includes your works cited as well through the submission link).

You will submit your presentation twice—once through the assignment link and once through the Project discussion forum link in week 9 for students to comment on.

Possible Topics:

(You are not limited to these, but please be sure to submit your proposal by the due date stipulated in the syllabus to ensure that you are presenting on something that is appropriate to the course):

• Homelessness

• Childhood poverty/Poverty in the United States

• Crime/violence

• Police violence/brutality

• Mass Incarceration

• Drugs/Alcohol abuse

• Global Warming/Environmental Crises

• Sexism/Heterosexism

• Sexual/gendered violence

• Obesity

• Social problems related to education

• Joblessness

• Problems in the Media

• Nativism/Migration

• Global economic inequality

• War/Terrorism

Research Guidelines:

You must consult at least 4 academic sources. Two of these can include texts or readings for this course, the other two sources may include academic journals, white papers, trade books (books that are written from a particularly disciplinary perspective), websites of formal organizations working with the problem, etc.  Please do not use Wikipedia! You must include a Works Cited list in your presentation and cite the specific sources of the information that you are presenting throughout your presentation.

File Submission Guidelines: 

For this and all assignments for the course, please use the following submission types/files:

• Word and Power Point (PPT and PPTX) files

• PDF files

• Jpeg files

• Prezi links

• If you are going to create a video for the class, please upload it to YouTube first and submit your YouTube link through the assignment link.

• If you are going to create a blog or website you may submit the URL through the assignment link.

• If you are going to create a podcast, please upload it to an online streaming service (e.g. Sound Cloud or YouTube) and paste the URL through the assignment link. Again, remember that a podcast will require a separate submission of your transcript in addition to the link to your podcast (see description above).

**Please DO NOT: **

• Submit a link to a google doc. If you are using google docs to create your project, please download it as a PDF file and attach that file to submission link.

• Submit your project using .pages, rtf files, or any other file formats not specified above.

How to Organize Your Presentation:

Your presentation must address the following questions in this order–

1. What is the specific problem you are discussing and why should it be considered a social problem?

2. How would this social problem be viewed through the lenses of Functionalism, Conflict and Symbolic Interaction Perspectives?

3. Provide some historical context to your social problem. What has contributed to the evolution of this problem as a social problem? Does it have an specific origin in time? How has this problem been viewed historically? (e.g. has it always been a social problem or is it just now being discussed or viewed as a social problem?

4. Who, objectively, is harmed by this social problem and how? (Include statistics and data).

5. What is being done to address this problem in the United States? What are some ways this problem is addressed in one or more different countries? Which solutions do you feel are the most effective and why?


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