Sociology Marx and Marxism Discussion




In which ways have Marx and Engels expressed admiration for the bourgeoisie and capitalism?

In which ways have Marx and Engels expressed antagonism and rejection toward the bourgeoisie and capitalism?

In which ways are Marx and Engels ideas relevant for sociology today?

Include a direct reference or quotation from the Communist Manifesto  when answering these questions.


First, I will identify the Capitalism that Marx and Engels oppose and worked hard  to eliminate from the economic and social classes. Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are owned and developed by private owners for profit, rather than by the state .Marx and Engels didn’t like the bourgeoisie and capitalism because their ideas where seeing it as an exploitative system that benefited the owners of the means of productions than the workforce. The two men wrote the Communist Manifesto that show a serious discussion and analysis of capitalism, a progress of how to topple it and a plan for its replacement by a communists society.Marx and Engels expresses antagonism and rejection towards the bourgeoisie and capitalism because they believed that the system was unfair and mercilessly exploit the working class. In his explanation, Marx identified the emergency of a new industrial society that creates unequal relationships between the different social classes. Marx believed this disparity was breeding hostility between the working class and the capital owners.Marx works to analyze the class system of capitalism, and Marx works to diagnosed the capitalism ills that were taking over the world in the stage of time. He had the belief that people were divided into these classes based on their strengths and how much they gave back to society in terms of their productivity and profits.Marx and Engels believe that with the capitalist system the rich were becoming richer with the unfair power and the poor were becoming poorer as a consequence of a capitalist system that was persisted within the society.Marx and Engels’s ideas relevant for sociology today so efficiently because they come up with the idea that all the businesses should be controlled by the government thus every single citizen will have equal opportunity to work. 

the second one The social world we live in, worked by human inventiveness, is progressively past human control. The economy, acting self-ruling of human needs and wants destroys network, leaves us disengaged, estranged and excluded. Marx records the undeniably theoretical type of cash and credit that the lenders made as to products. Marx and Engels both did communicate profound respect for the bourgeoisie and free enterprise, by indicating that they were separated from the creation and assisted with building it. They found that the monetary framework was sorted in classes, Marx accepted that private enterprise was exclusively founded on the possibility of unadulterated benefit.Marx and Engels, be that as it may, communicated antagonism and deny toward the bourgeoisie also, the free enterprise through a few different ways. They asserted that private enterprise is unsavory since it had been making riches through inadmissible ways. They have additionally expressed that free enterprise doesn’t make all laborers similarly and reasonably, they accomplish all the work in request to make riches for the bourgeoisie to the disadvantage of the laborers.I accept that their thoughts are applicable for the general public today, particularly that all these gigantic nations are getting their riches off minorities. While the average is getting wealthier, these minorities are scarcely in any event, living off the little compensation they’re making. There was an assortment of contrasts between Karl Marx and Max Weber. Every one of them had various thoughts, considerations, activities, and conclusions. They both have provided real and authentic ideas to human science from numerous points of view. They have moved toward the social class issues, race and imbalance in an alternate manner, they have additionally introduced speculations that have made an extraordinary sway on the sociological advancement. Even though they had a similar methodology, every one of them has various thoughts.


      Marx and Engels did denounce and consider capitalism as an evil form of the economic system and did claim it to be the giver meant and production system catering only to the rich and including only the rich. But, they did as well appreciate the capitalism form in the communist manifesto, they did talk about the class stratification and the level of productivity that the capitalist and the bourgeoisie bring about with the way of the functioning within the given society. Marx and Engels regarded capitalism as being operated by the bourgeoisie i.e. economically upper class, and inherently evil. They express admiration in The Communist Manifesto. Being highly anti-Semitic Marx and Engels’ view of history and society was simple and polemical. Capitalism is an economic system having means of production and distribution as privately or corporately owned and development being proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market. They promoted Marxism; a form of government where everyone in the entire society is considered to be part of the government and the government controls all businesses.               Marx and Engels are among the founders of modern sociology. They gave their sociological method and theory the descriptive name of the “materialist conception of history,” which Engels later rephrased as “historical materialism.” As the name suggests, central attention is placed on historical conditions and material causes in understanding how societies are formed and how social groups behave.


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