sociology papermla

Select a topic of your choice.  Use a sociological theory/perspective to analyze your topic 


Choose a topic in your Major or a topic/issue that you are passionate about.  Here is an illustration of how to use one of the sociological theories discussed in the book.



If you decide to use the conflict theory: you must fully define this theory—make sure that you understand it as well.  Then, use it to analyze, for example, the Affordable Health Care.  What is the Affordable Health Care?  Why do some people support it and others do not?  In other words, discuss the views of those who support it and those that do not support it.  In general, most Democrats and few Republicans support it, while few Democrats and most Republicans oppose it.  In this case, there have been a struggle between the supporters and non supporters of this healthcare reform .  Amongst other questions, you should explain: What actions has each side taken?  What have been some of the outcomes so far?  Has it been repealed? What types of insurance do the lawmakers have—is their insurance similar to what most Americans have?  You do not have to take a position, but you may if you want to.



You are required to use at least 5 sources [diversify the sources] (information from books, scholarly articles, news paper articles, personal interviews, and legitimate internet sources). You should include in text citations within the paper and a Works Cited page as the last page. You must be consistent with the style (MLA ) throughout the paper.


Here is the rubric for this paper: The paper should be 7 8 pages long using double space, normal margins (about 1 inch all around), Times New Roman, and 12 font. You should follow the essay format: introduction, thesis statement, supporting details, and conclusion.


*And also, make a good PPT for presentation. It should be 5 min long.( you should also give me a PPT).

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