SOCW 41100 WU Social Science Process Recording Template




A process recording is a written tool used in field education to examine the dynamics of social work interactions. Process recordings can help in developing and refining interviewing and intervention skills. Through conceptualization and the organization of ongoing activities with social work clients, you are able to clarify the purpose of interviews and interventions, identify personal and professional strengths and weaknesses, and improve self-awareness. The process recording is a useful tool in exploring the interpersonal dynamics and values operating between you and the client system through an analysis of filtering the process used in recording a session.

Provide a transcript of what happened during your field education experience, including a dialogue of interaction with a client.

Explain your interpretation of what occurred in the dialogue.

  • Describe your reactions and/or any issues related to your interaction with a client during your field education experience.
  • Describe your interaction with your supervisor and explain how it affects your practice.
  • Explain how you applied social work practice skills when performing the activities during your process recording.


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