Stakeholder Relationships Alliances Risk Factors & Regulatory Compliance Discussion

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Topic: Stakeholder Relationships, Alliances, Risk Factors, and Regulatory Compliance

Question/Prompt: For Discussion Board Forum 4, continue to develop your proposal to include Stakeholder Relationships and Alliances (Section 7) and Risk Factors and Regulatory Compliance (Section 8) for your mock organization. Your draft must identify key stakeholders and alliances critical to the success of your organization. Consider the questions provided in the template to guide your development. Consider differences if you are offering a service versus providing a specific product for use. For risk factors and regulatory compliance, consider issues of politics, laws, legal regulations, and restrictions. Use the provided template to guide your draft development. You must cite at least 2 scholarly or biblical resources in current AMA format in your work. You will be graded on how comprehensively you address the content for Sections 7 and 8 in your original submission.


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