Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management

Subject: Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management
Coca Cola made the decision on 1 June 2017 to acquire Sunshine Sugar based in Northern NSW as part of a strategic move to secure their supply chain. While the rationale for the acquisition was strategic, the Sunshine Sugar entity is still expected to contribute to the financial outcome of the group. At the time of acquisition, Sunshine Sugar had approved budgets for revenue and expenditure to June 2018, and forecasts to June 2019. These budgets and forecasts have been incorporated into the consolidated group figures.
The Risk and Audit Committee of the Coca Cola Board recommended that a detailed risk review of the Sunshine Sugar budgets and forecasts be undertaken, so that any potential impacts on the consolidated group financials can be understood. As part of this process the Board has requested that a desktop asset risk review of Sunshine Sugar be undertaken. As a Senior Asset Manager in Coca Cola, this task has been delegated to you. The board has requested that the plan for this asset review be considered at its September board meeting, and subject to approval, the Desk top review is to be reported at the December board meeting.
The Desk Top Asset Risk Review Plan is to be limited to 1000 words with accompanying Gannt Chart and must address:

  1. Context issues;
  2. Resource requirements;
  3. Methodology for the review;
  4. Review schedule;
  5. Key areas of concern/issues for consideration (considering context);
  6. List of specific anticipated findings that may generate concern regarding Sunshine Sugar asset management practices (key items to be investigated).
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Context issues
    3.0 Discussion
    i. Resource requirements
    ii. Methodology for the review
    iii. Review schedule iv. Key area of concern
    v. List of specific anticipated findings that
    4.0 Conclusion
    References for CC
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