Strayer University Social Science Discussion




“Reflection” Please respond to the following:

  • Identify two (2) specific concepts you learned in the course. These concepts may be something that surprised you, intrigued you, or something that you learned during the quarter explain why.
  • Say final goodbyes or well wishes to your classmates and wish them the best on their journey
  • Say goodbye or well wishes to your Professor

Week 11 Discussion Template:

  • Please no attachments are allowed in discussion area, those using tablets or phones cannot open attachments, therefore unable to read or comment on your post.

Hello Best Classmates in the world and Dr. C:

Two things that surprised me, intrigued me or something I learned:

And now to My Wonderful classmates & Dr. C, I would like to say:

Your name

Template: Responding to a Classmate:

Hello (Name of Classmate), Great Post! I really enjoyed reading your post.

One of the things I find interesting is: The reason it is of interest is: (Minimum of 2 sentences)

Why do you think….? (ask your classmate a question pertaining to the post)

(Your first name/name you want to be called)


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