swot assignment

In the book and in your slides you will see several examples of SWOT grids identifying the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a company.

You assignments is:

1. Choose a LOCAL or REGIONAL company – I’m not looking for a NIKE, Starbucks or Apple here.

2. Include a brief sentence or two about what the company is.

3. Complete a SWOT analysis for that company – you should include at least three (3) items under each area. Remember that some sections are internal to the company and others are external about their environment. Make sure each one makes sense – not just to you! Include explanation if necessary. You will want to be sure to watch my video on this first!

4. Submit your assignment here through Blackboard. When you are finished with your work, be sure to click SUBMIT above. The “save draft” option is only to allow you to come back in at a later time to finish – this option will not allow me to see and grade your work. The assignment is worth 35 points. The assignment should be submitted as an ATTACHMENT – do not submit in the notes field.

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