test 10 bill nye and ken ham debate 1

This test will cover Unit XII, the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate and the transcript with my comments. It will consist of fifteen (15) questions and be worth fifteen (15) points You will have 20 minutes to take it.

****A score of 15/15 IS REQUIRED AND NOTHING LESS*****

go to the link


username z1744771@students.niu.edu

password Dentistry2019$

Step 1:go to courses

step 2: select Fall 2019 Bios 442. MSTR EVOLU& CREATIONIST CHALLENGE

STEP 3: PRESS LEFT DROP DOWN BAR AND SELECT “UNITS” and proceed to find folder Unit XII, the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate. All the information you need will be in this folder

STEP 4: Once you’re finished PROCEED TO TEST 10.


please inform me when you are ready to take the exam

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