The Clinical Supervisors Skills and Communication Skills Analysis




Being a leader is not always visible by title or supervisor status. School counselors may not have a person or staff they are responsible for on an organizational chart, but they are most definitely one of the school’s most important leaders.

For this assignment, in 250-500 words consider your experience, focusing on the school counselor’s role as a leader. Specifically, address the following:

  • Important leadership skills displayed by the clinical site supervisor during your observations and how those skills promoted and supported student success.
  • Leadership skills that you displayed while collaborating with the clinical site supervisor, site administration, students, families, and staff.
  • Additional leadership skills you plan to implement as a school counseling intern.
  • Why is it important for a school counselor to demonstrate leadership skills with compassion, justice, and concern for the common good?  How can this kind of leadership promote and support student success? Provide specific examples.


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