The demand for family nurse practitioners is raising day by day with the rise of lifestyle diseases.

My name is xxxxxxx. I have been in the nursing practice for one year now and would wish to be an advanced practice nurse as this will equip me with more advanced skills while caring for my patients. Secondly, with the certification, I will enjoy the autonomy of practice as this will allow me to provide different more complex interventions to patients. Additionally, healthcare labor statistics point that there is increasing demand for family nursing practitioners due to the rapidly changing lifestyles (Reynolds & Mortimore, 2018). An advanced practice nurse is tasked with evaluating the progress of patients and modifying treatments to meet the requirements of the treatment, keep the medical history of patients, administer drugs and ensure compliance with health policies.

The demand for family nurse practitioners is raising day by day with the rise of lifestyle diseases. This demand is also caused by the emerging change of practice where family nurses are being tasked with roles that were traditionally reserved for doctors. To improve patient outcomes family nurse practitioners should do a frequent assessment of patient conditions so as to have concrete reasons to modify treatment based on unique patient circumstances. In a study published in 2018, experts suggested that patients who received modified doses of chemo demonstrated positive drug responses compared to those who received fixed prescription- improvement was recorded based on the range of adverse drug effects (Kleinpell et al., 2019). Secondly, the professionals should embark on the early management of chronic illnesses with the aim of lowering their progression rates.

Nurses should be outgoing people to have good relationships with patients. With these skills they obtain trust and consequently achieve accurate assessments. Secondly, they should be enthusiastic in research as this will result in more informed patient interventions (Clibbens et al., 2019). Moreover, the practitioners should be dedicated and caring as this will enable them to go beyond duties to offer effective care for patients.

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