The effects of sitting for long hours working at a computer.

The following are negative effects caused by sitting for long hours working at computers:

Eye problems– Sitting for long hours working using computers causes pain, sore or burning sensations in a person’s eye. This is caused by the light emitted by the screen of the computer. The long staring at a computer screen causes eye’s discomfort due to the unusual light. Higher light brightness causes severe eye problems (Kim, Cho, Park, & Yang, 2015).

Weight gain– Sitting while working at computers for long hours without making movement causes obesity and therefore weight gain. This is a result of low calorie burning in the body. Calories in the body are mostly burnt due to vigorous activities done by a person, hence, when a person sits for long without any major body movement or exercise causes low calorie burning hence accumulation of fat in the body cells thus obesity (Parihar, et al., 2016).

Weakened muscles– Muscles require movements in order to maintain their shape and strength. Sitting for long without making any motion loosens and weakens the muscles. This results to a person getting weak, some muscles may also get torn easily upon doing any vigorous activity.

Poor blood circulation– working in one place for long without making some movements or exercise results to poor blood circulation to all parts of the body which is essential to the well-being and functioning of the body. This causes varicose veins, blood clots, swollen ankles and other joints. The blood clots caused by poor blood circulation results to vein thrombosis (a condition in which blood clot occurs deep in the veins of a leg) mostly in a person’s lower body (Kim, Cho, Park, & Yang, 2015).

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