the project management office pmo director would like you to develop a project management plan based on previous submission see attached for project presented in unit 1

For either the PPM or the Strategic Planning software projects (not both), create a project management plan with the following components:

  1. APA-formatted title page with the topic title, your name, the course, and the date
  2. Abstract/executive summary
  3. Integration management plan: Simply how you, the project manager, will go about managing and directing the project work from start to finish. This section should include how you will manage project knowledge, monitor and control project work, perform change control, and close project work.
  4. Brief scope statement
  5. Outline project critical success factors
  6. A complete 5–6-level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) decomposed down to the work package level. Create this in MS Word, or you can create it in Visio and copy/screen capture and paste it into the Word document.
  7. Change Management Plan:
    1. How scope change requests will be handled and managed (Change Control Board)
    2. How you plan to manage the impact of your project on operations
  8. Stakeholder Management Plan: In a table format (Excel or Word), create a Stakeholder Register. Your Register should include stakeholders’ name/title, role, responsibility, type, influence (power/interest), department, contact info, and expectation(s) (order them as you see feasible).
  9. Using input from your WBS, create an MS Project schedule showing the following:
    1. A minimum of 50–65 tasks/activities: You should have them organized by each WBS deliverable and all indented under the project name in row 1.
      1. Assign start/finish dates and durations
      2. Assign dependencies
      3. Assign resource names (title or role)
      4. In the Resource sheet, assign labor costs and enter type and cost of material or contracted work
  10. References page

Basic APA formatting includes 1-inch margins, double spacing throughout the paper, page numbers in the upper right-hand corner, paragraphs indented 5 spaces, and first-level headings centered and in bold font.

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