Theories Discussion




Please follow the instructions . please respond with 350 words

1. Take the theorist from your Post 1 of this week and the theorist from this week’s second post and….

a. Discuss how they are similar (provide support from the text to support your statements – include citations).

b. Discuss how they are different (provide support from the text to support your statements – include citations).

*** This post requires some critical thinking. You will want to analyze each theorists’ views carefully and discuss specific ways that they are alike and different.

Initial Post:

This category of biology-based theories focuses on the biological factors together with the processes which are inherited. On most occasions, methods under this category such as evolutionary have some of the biological genes and characters inherited from the parent cell. This category assumes that the behavior of people is mostly influenced by some powerful organic or inherited forces. Most children are nurtured by their parents who they tend to copy from their responses. This category, therefore, best explains the development that focuses on how the young one can relate and survive based on the inherited biological characteristics.

An ethological theory which is borrowed from the ideas of Darwin concerning evolution, majors at the causes as well as the value of behavior adaptation of people. It is accurate as it considers the evolutionary history and social context of a species. The research-based on this theory aims at essential questions like how are the adults becoming attached to their infants and why do infants like to look at the faces of humans . Several features have come as a result of elicit caregiving characters from the parents justifying why most infants of numerous separate species possess the same facial features.

John Bowlby (1907-190) proposed a widely known application of ethological theory. He said that all children get emotionally linked to their caregivers besides the kind of treatment they get from them. The current research is focused on the quality of the attachment infants have depending on the treatment which they receive from their caregivers. It says that in the initial stages of life, the inner working mechanism developed by children concerning themselves and others rely on the type of response and care they get. Most of the children with a strong emotional relationship with the caregivers can freely explore the environment. Hence ethological theory becomes more accurate as it explains all the relevant adaptive behaviors during child development.


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