Top 20 Emerging Markets discussion

Watch the video about Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop. The Body Shop is now part of L’Oréal. What do you think made her succeed at turning an artisanal brand into a global success?

  • If you had an American brand, how would you know your product was a good fit for an international market? Please explain and then comment on the posts of classmates too. Are their ideas and assumptions about how their product would fit in other markets correct? Mention a couple of examples and explain.

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Question 2: Read the following article about emerging markets. Then select one country and identify a market challenge that country might face.

The Top 20 Emerging Markets

Top 10 Emerging Markets According to Bloomberg

CountryGDPInflationMarket ChallengeChina45.53 S Korea22.92.9 Thailand25.92.7 Peru27.42.1 Czech Rep.21.12 Malaysia21.82.5 Turkey21.25.4 Chile24.23 Russia26.66.5 Indonesia31.34.6 Columbia21.93 Poland21.22.5 Namibia22.35 Zambia31.35.3 S. Africa19.94.9 Mexico17.53.1 Brazil22.34.7 Hungary15.63.1 Morocco27.72.5 Philippines20.44.1


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