topic proposal 5

Overview of the Criminal Justice Capstone Project

Topic Proposal

you will choose your Criminal Justice Capstone Project topic. Your topic selection should be specific, with clear parameters that will enable you to fully address each program learning outcome. You will identify a direction that will enable you to make those connections by sharing preliminary approaches specific to each program learning outcome, connected to your proposed topic.

Topic: Your selection should be a crime problem that is specific,focused, and that can be addressed through a program proposal, policy change proposal, or new policy proposal. Your selection should be based on your current or anticipated career field. The selection should be narrow in scope so you can develop the direction with parameters that will enable you to measure the impact. You will evaluate the impact specific to your intended goals and objectives. As you make your selection, be sure to be specific as to your targeted demographic (considering, for example, exclusion criteria and geographic parameters). Your selection must provide the foundation for fully developing the program learning outcomes.

Topic Proposal(will be 1.5–pages in your Criminal Justice Capstone Project):

1. Topic.

2. Goals and Objectives.

3. Targeted Focus (build out parameters).

In your topic proposal paper,provide one paragraph per program learning outcome section (as listed in the outline below), specifically connected to your topic that must be based on a specific crime, delineating direction that is specifically connected to your narrowly focused topic.

Project Drafts and Capstone Outline

you will prepare drafts of sections of the Criminal Justice Capstone Project. Each draft should be in current APA format, and should include a separate References page. For the final Criminal Justice Capstone Project, all content will be combined into a fluid paper, with one References page.

you will prepare your draft addressing the following learning outcomes.

Explain the antecedents and consequences of crime in the broader context of interdisciplinary knowledge (will be 3pages in your Criminal Justice Capstone Project, addressed as follows):

4. Explain the antecedents of the crime, connecting knowledge from multiple disciplines.

5. Explain the consequences of the crime, connecting knowledge from multiple disciplines.

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