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Exercise 2: Rhetorical Analysis

Goal: Follow these steps to complete a rhetorical analysis of the product you have chosen.

Word Count: 300 words

  1. What  audience is this intended for?
  1. Analyze based on ethos (credibility), pathos (pull on emotions, feeling), and logos (logic). E.g., products with flags on them use pathos to make consumers nostalgic for their homeland. The flags also attempt to add ethos and logos.
  2. What is the main message of the product? Think back to your analysis in Exercise 1. What are the images trying to say about Central American people? How does the image portray this message with its colors, lines, and symbolic images (flags, clothing, hieroglyphics, etc.)?
  3. Review your answer to question #3. Now rewrite your answer in ONE sentence.


The picture of the product in the attachment.

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