Tulane University Wk 6 Emotionally Focused Therapy and Couples Therapy Discussion





  • Hazlett, S. (2010). Chapter 2: Attunement, disruption, and repair: The dance of the self and other in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy.  In Alan S. Gurman, (Eds.),  Clinical casebook of couple therapy.  New York: Guilford Press, (pp. 21-43).
  • Anderson, C. M. (2012). The diversity, strengths, and challenges of single-parent households. In F. Walsh (Ed.), Normal family processes: Growing diversity and complexity (4th ed.) New York: Guilford (pp. 128-148)
  • Mini Paper (1 page-1.5 pages)
  • How might you help a couple receiving EFT move from Stage 1 to Stage 2?  (1/2 page).
  • Drawing from the Anderson and Hazlett readings, what are some of the challenges you might face in adapting EFT for couples to EFT for single parent families (counseling with one parent and at least one child), and how might those challenges be addressed? (1/2 – 3/4 page)


  • Jacobson, N. S., & Christensen, A. (1996).  Acceptance and change in couple therapy: A therapist’s guide to transforming relationships.  New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.   Chapter 5: Overview of Integrative Couple Therapy (pp. 86-102).
  • Lawrence, E. & Brock, R. L. (2010).  Chapter 4: The North-Going Zax and the South-Going Zax: From Impasse to Empathic Acceptance in Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy. In Alan S. Gurman, (Ed.), Clinical casebook of couple therapy.  New York: Guilford Press, (pp. 67-89).
  • Christensen, A., Doss, B. D., & Jacobson, N. S. (2014).  Reconcilable differences (2nd Edition).  New York: Guilford Press.  Chapter 4 “You know how to hurt me” Relationship problems as emotional sensitivities (pp. 64-86).
  • Mini Paper (1 page-1.5. pages)
  • Critically Analyze the Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy model.  Explicitly draw from the first two readings.  How would you distinguish this approach from generic Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy approaches covered in your methods classes (3/4 – 1 page)?
  • How would you use your treatment session to build on the Christensen et al., reading, given that you were using this book as a form of bibliotherapy?  Use specific examples.  If you want, use simulated dialogue to elucidate what you would do 


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