two assignments 3

here is the first one

Court Issues Analysis

Write a 1400 word analysis in which you identify 3 significant issues facing the courts today. Include what you perceive as the ONE biggest issue. In your analysis be sure to discuss the following areas:


·       Discuss how the court will have to manage the issues you selected.

·       Identify and discuss how the courts will manage these issues in the future.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Use a minimum of 4 academic references in your paper. Use references from the week’s readings to support your paper.



Write a 350 word executive summary in which you articulate court purposes and responsibilities. Additionally, identify changes in society that have impacted the courts.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Use a minimum of 3 academic references.


TEAM DQ: Submit ONE Team response (a paragraph of approximately 200 words) to the Assignments Forum for this Team DQ: Most state courts allow cameras in the courtroom. However, Federal courts do not allow cameras, including the US Supreme Court. What is the teams position on cameras in Federal courts? Take a vote and include your results in the response.


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