Unequal Childhoods Discussion




Using Annette Lareau’s article, Invisible Inequality, conduct an auto-ethnography in which you describe and analyze your own guardians’ child rearing practices while you were growing up OR the child rearing practices of a fictional character from a movie, book, or your imagination. You may find that your guardians employed a combination of both the “concerted cultivation” and “accomplishment of natural growth” strategies. As you conduct the analysis, be sure to use as many examples, quotations, and concepts from the article and other assigned texts and podcasts as possible. Papers that do not engage with the text through examples, citations, theories will receive a grade of a C or lower.

In a 5 page essay, describe the childrearing practices used while you were 9-13 years old (late elementary or early middle-school (4-7th grade). If you would prefer, you can do this assignment for a fictional character—a character from a television show, movie, or book. If you choose this option, you must still offer detailed examples for analysis. This “typical” day may offer caveats, such as “on weekends, we did X, but on weekdays Y.” As you offer this description (see book for examples), you should analyze the events though the frameworks of “concerted cultivation” and “accomplishment natural growth” as done in the article. In doing so, be sure to answer the following questions:

§What are the characteristics of “concerted cultivation” and “accomplishment of natural growth” parenting strategies. How would you define each of these strategies? (5 points)

§How was your playtime structured? With whom did you play? Who organized these activities? What types of activities did you participate in during your free time? Provide examples. (5 points)

§What type of language did your parents employ with you? Which parenting style does this reflect? Provide examples. (5 points)

§How were you taught to interact with authorities such as doctors, teachers, and police officers? Provide examples. (10 points)

§What were some consequences of these strategies that you can see in your later development or life outcomes? Provide examples. (5 points)

§In writing your essay, be sure to cite specifically from the article with direct quotations or citations as your apply the concepts of the Lareau’s theory to your own life. (15 points)

Format: Times New Roman 12 pt font, double-spaced. A Work Cited page should include Laureau’s Invisible Inequality in addition to Ezra Klein’s interview or other sources if you so choose. The title page should mimic this assignment sheet, providing your name at the top, class, and assignment. Be sure to proofread your work, so that the paper is polished in terms of organization, syntax, and grammar. Seek out writing assistance if necessary. (5 points)


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