University of Central Florida Assistive Technology Paper




  1. An onsite or virtual interview with an assistive technology (AT) specialist in a public vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency or a private VR contracted vendor setting and; a 3-5 page, typed, double-spaced, report of the information obtained during the interview. The report should contain information on the following:

CORE: C.9.4.a, C.9.4.b, C.10.15.a., C.10.15.b., C.10.15.c., C.10.15.d.

  1. The name and work setting of the professional interviewed
  2. The length of the interview, date, and time it occurred.
  3. The primary tasks and duties of the assistive technology professional.
  4. The need for assistive technology and the appropriate intervention resources.
  5. The appropriate use of assistive technology including computer-related resources to assist in the effective delivery of services.
  6. How individual needs for rehabilitation engineering services are assessed.
  7. How to assist individuals with a disability in developing strategies to request appropriate accommodations.
  8. How to evaluate assistive technology needs as they relate to rehabilitation services.


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