University of South Florida Holocaust for Bauman Discussion




Part A) On page 147, Malesevic states: “…Bauman sees the Holocaust as the very product of modernity.”  Explain what Bauman means. Be certain to deal with ideas that are associated with modernity that derived from the Enlightenment such as rationality and order as well as the main components of modernization being industrialization, bureaucracy and urbanization. Support your answer by referring to material included in Schaeffer, Chapter 16 and, if you choose, additional materials already read in this course.

Part B: Go to:
Read one of the articles on shalechet. Then, to see the installation of shalechet, go to:
Jüdisches Museum – Gefallenes Laub -Schalechet – fallen leaves (Video1/2)

Go to:
Take a virtual tour of Yad Vashem found here:

How do Kadishman’s installation and information presented at the Yad Vashem site illustrate  Bauman’s argument?

Part C: Watch this 3 minute video on the Kigali Memorial Centre:

Kigali Memorial Centre

How does information presented at the Kigali Memorial Centre  further inform Bauman’s argument?


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