use powerpoint to make the poster

Use PowerPoint to make your poster. Change the size of your slide to reflect the size of your poster (24×48 or 24×60) One side of the poster must be 24″ due to size restrictions on the printer. Do NOT use a picture as your background. Remember these are professional posters and should not be CUTE!

24×48″ (maximum 24″x60″) poster file based on your abstract. The posters will be printed by the Engineering Technology Department for display

13 Smart Speakers


Technological advancement has been allied with positive impacts in the field of speakers and audio production. Smart speakers have provided high resolution due to their portability. Bluetooth technology has focused on ensuring speakers sound advancement for years. The key route of Bluetooth technology has been traced from low sound speakers to high notch speakers backed by modernization. Recent smart speakers have high upgraded speakers assuring quality and lengthened time usage without recharging. Wireless features of the smart speakers guarantee high proficiency ad surprisingly good audio performance. The speaker can operate for 30 hours in loud music and 48 hours of battery life when in moderate sound. Despite the portability and long battery life, the speakers offer other crucial features that spark customers’ attention to purchase. For instance, the addition of clock, radio, WI-FI and alarm attracts the attention of customers. However, backed by the advancement desire, tech enthusiasts have focused on incorporating other key features that will improve the efficacy of smart speakers at a higher level.


Some have championed for developing a wireless charging system, reshaping of the speaker base and ultimately increasing the life span of the battery.Concisely, the achievements will satisfy customer needs on high ends.

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