using the fax exchanges below and the provided a3 template help bob write an a3 report

A3 Thinking Exercise

TMM is a manufacturing company that has successfully set up an assembly plant in in Aichi Prefecture, Japan called Kamigo. TMM is now looking to expand operations in the components area in the state of Kentucky.Bob and Tom work in the Kamigo plant on a team that is in charge of checking up on the installation of equipment which is mostly from Japan, implementing training for skilled trades, ensuring the documentation and spare parts are in place, and in general providing start up support during the launch phase of new ventures. Tom has a couple of decades of experience and has set up several plants before and is currently in Japan tending to multiple other assignments. Bob is a new employee in the company, still in his first year and has been sent to Kentucky to observe the start up for training purposes and to provide some support where possible. Tom requested that Bob send him a status report at the end of his first week on site. The following exchanges are what occurred.

At the conclusion of the final exchange Bob was requested to create an A3 for presentation purposes upon his return back to his home plant in Japan. Using the fax exchanges above and the provided A3 Template, help Bob write an A3 report.

I have attached the rubric plan which will tell about the grading.

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