: Value Streaming and thenrelate it ti Applying six sigma

All templates and research provided.More of data entry and article finding help needed 1hour assignment max.

Instructions below:

For this assignment, find a recent article describing an operational change that a company has gone through. Your example should relate to two topics: Value Streaming and thenrelate it ti Applying six sigma . For example, the article might describe a new supply chain system, a Six Sigma initiative, or a new product or service design process that a company implemented.

Answer the questions in the Assignment Instructions to explore what you can learn from this real-world example.

Note: The publication date of the article must be less than 3 months old.

You can do this by:Part B and OM in Action – Please leverage the article enclosed for your Week 4 OM in Action and your Week 8 OM in Action. Perhaps you can align it to quality for the Week 4 OM in Action and product design thinking for the Week 8 OM in Action.Now, onto Part B. Please see enclosed. You had almost all of the first page of the template completed from your Part A. You had the justification of understanding why machines break causing downtime – this was great insight. I inserted that into the Part B template along with the summary metrics. You are probably thinking, which tool can I use for my Kaizen? My suggestion is root cause analysisOn page 2 of the template, you can leverage the Excel file to finish your agenda. Then, all that’s left is the explanation and how the agenda supports the objective.

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