Walden University Psychology You Are the Editor Essay



For this Assignment, you will examine and apply the resources to your own Discussion question( uploaded below) in order to improve the style and format. These tools include SafeAssign, Grammarly, the APA Publication Manual, and various Writing Center resources.

To prepare:

  • Review and copy your Discussion main post into a MS Word document.
  • From the Learning Resources, review Chapters 6 and 7 of the APA Publication Manual resource and note the variety of formats covered.
  • Review the Learning Resources related to the Walden University Writing Center and the Walden Academic Skills Center and consider the requirements for scholarly writing.
  • Review the “Academic Writing Resources” in the Learning Resources.
  • Follow the directions to set up your account in Grammarly, if you do not have an account already. Submit your assignment to Grammarly. Retain the feedback that you receive from Grammarly.
  • Access the SafeAssign Drafts link in the left-hand navigation bar of the classroom and submit your Discussion assignment for an academic integrity check. Retain the report from SafeAssign.

Assignment (1–2 pages)

  • Identify the relevant sections of the APA Publication Manual chapters on citations and references, and the Walden University Writing Center resources on APA format, that relate to the types of citations and references used in your Discussion assignment.
  • Make any necessary changes to grammar, academic writing, or format based on the SafeAssign and Grammarly reports.
  • Revise your Discussion assignment based on this information to reflect correct grammar, APA format, and correct academic writing style, and save your work.
  • Conclude with a paragraph about what you learned about your academic writing skills—strengths as well as areas needing improvement. Explain the resources you will rely on going forward with the assignments in this course.
  • Post your revised Discussion response and the concluding paragraph to the Assignment link.


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