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In this final major project, you will put your research from the previous module into action. Using the topic and sources that you gathered from the previous project as a starting point, you have the opportunity FILLER TEXT: Because web readers have short attention spans, web articles are accessible and entertaining. The genre most often includes photographs or illustrations to draw readers in and catch their interest. This assignment will require at least one visual element besides your text. You can choose if those will be photos, illustrations, charts, graphs. When deciding what visual element(s) to include, be sure to keep your specific audience and purpose in mind.

FILLER TEXT: When you read an article on the web, you don’t scroll to the bottom or flip to the last page to find references, you click on a hyperlink. You are required to have 6-10 functional hyperlinks.

Heres a link with all my sources about the topic 

and also below im posting some of my introduction that i already started writing, if you have any questions just let me know.


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