week 5 three parts

Paper 1

Prepare a 500 to 700 word paper in which you research at least two quality management organizations—one national and one local—that would positively enhance the implementation of a quality program.

Identify the organizations you have researched and describe how the organizations help companies to improve the quality management.

Evaluate the effect that participation in these organizations would have on quality performance for an organization.


Paper 2

Prepare a 1,300 to 1,400 word report in which you determine supplier alliance requirements and appropriate metrics for BJB to measure the performance effectiveness of their suppliers. What recommendations would you present to BJB’s Strategic Planning Committee to integrate the supplier alliance and metrics?

Address the following:

  • Determine KPIs for forming supplier alliances as well as how BJB would evaluate supplier qualifications and performance.
  • How do these measurements help ensure a competitive advantage for BJB?
  • Analyze the types of costs of changing supplier alliances.
  • Compile Parts I IV of the BJB Total Quality Management Program proposal together and submit it to your facilitator.



DQ Questions 300 words each

Week 5 DQ 1 External quality management organizations

What are some external quality management organizations? What value do these organizations bring to each of their targeted industries? How does their presence enhance the particular industry they target?


Week 5 DQ 2 Value added from external quality management organizations

What value does an external quality management organization bring to a company that employs their methodology? Does receiving the endorsement from an external quality management organization bring long term value to a company? Why or why not? 

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