womens lit journal

  • In this unit, you considered the women’s voice in literature and the dystopian point of view. Based on your readings and the other activities in this unit, address the following:

    • Describe some of the reasons for the emergence of the dystopian point of view in literature.
    • How do you see these reasons reflected in the reading assigned this week?
    • Do you see examples of these concepts in current literature or other art forms?

    Use the Insight Journal template you submitted in Unit 2 to record your entries. Use the same document for all journal entries, adding new entries to build your journal throughout the course.

    • Each journal entry should be about 250 words in length, which is about one page.
    • In support of your response to the given journal topic, reflect on the unit’s readings, lecture, and video.
      • Record ideas, feelings, special phrases, interesting ideas, people, places, or things you want to remember.
      • Ask radical questions; agree or disagree with the unit’s material.
    • Follow APA formatting guidelines for your journal entry.

    Review the Insight Journal – Unit 3 Scoring Guide to ensure you have met all of the criteria of the assignment.

    Submit your Insight Journal in the assignment area.

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