Written Evaluation in your quality.




1. For many of our products that are older or don’t have technical differentiation, the ONLY reason that a customer will renew is because of support. In fact, when our customers meet our support people in person, they often give them hugs. Explain how you have created such enthusiasm in a prior job and any improvements (virtual hugs?) that you think you can bring to this job.

2. Which weekly measured support metrics are the most important? List the metrics you measure, explain explicitly how you measure each one automatically, and stack rank them in order of importance for delivering higher NPS scores.

3. We run a radically differentiated centralized support organization where every agent supports every product. What do you believe are the top 3 challenges we face? What do you believe are the top 3 advantages that we have? Summarize each challenge and advantage with a clear sentence.

4. Our support managers are expected to consistently improve productivity and NPS scores quarter over quarter and dedicate significant time each week to the effort. Describe the management technique(s) you will use so that you will be able to both run the day to day operations and improve the process.

5. A knowledge base is a key part of any support organization. What specific operational techniques will implement to ensure that our support knowledge base is 1) current, 2) useful, and 3) complete?


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