you can see initially five packages will be used seismicstationalpha through seismicstatione

As you can see, initially, five packages will be used: SeismicStationAlpha through SeismicStationEpsilon. The engineers who worked out the design have solved the problem of getting the value back to the main computer at the Institute’s headquarters, but their solution is unsophisticated. Each station writes it’s events to a large file called The Edward Teach Institute For Maritime Knowledge had given the RBGI a large grant to expand their research into the climate of Redwood Bay. The grant specifies additional information be gathered about each seismic event. In the first phase, the following additional information must be gathered for each event… Air temperature Ground temperature Mary discovers that a local company, AgriSystems, has developed and marketed a system that keeps track of these temperature. They’ve been trying to sell it to local framers, but the market is too small. They’re just about ready to stop manufacturing when Mary contracts about a possible use for their temperature devices. It’s a relatively easy task to install the sensor package and controller at the site of each seismic station and integrate it the two hardware systems. However, the temperature unit has it’s own software system. Each sensor package is represented by a class called TemperatureTracker which keeps track of the following information… Location Time Date Air Temperature Ground Temperature Mary takes the problem back and calls a brainstorming session. Back at Lost Bay Software Coop the staff mulls over the problem. There is a severe time constraint on this first phase. Severe enough that it rules out the development of a completely new system from scratch. The session goes through lunchtime and into the afternoon, when Jack suddenly has a satori. We’ll keep our system, but we’ll use inheritance to add the new device. The class that represents a seismic station will be inherited from TemperatureTracker. It is your task to accomplish this integration. Do the modifications to the reporting functions as specified below… Lists the seismic events by station including their temperature profile Lists the average size of a seismic event for each station. Indicates the smallest event and the largest event for each station include temperature information as well You will, of course, be expected to use good object oriented design and programming techniques. Programs should be well documented. Create a c plus plus program so that implements the list of seismic stations using a linked list instead of a vector.
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