4 page critical analysis book dreamng cuban

In your papers, please follow the next steps:

First, choose a topic to analyze, like feminism, discrimination, identity, assimilation, etc. You choose your topic for your papers. Second look for examples in the stories in the module to support your statement. Third, look for a definition of your topic so you can write it in the introduction of your paper. Then, start the body of your paper by giving examples of your topic in the stories. Remember that every time you say something about the stories, you have to write the page number. Quotes can not be longer then 3 lines. Always support your statement. You need examples from the beginning, the middle, and the end of the novel. And finally, write a paragraph with the conclusions, specifying what you think about the novel, the reasons it is a good or bad novel and the way it affected you as a reader and the readers in general. The novel and your topic have to be analyzed in depth in your paper.

Make sure you write a critical analysis, and not a a book review or a summary of the stories.

Make sure your essay focuses on literary conventions; (examples)



If you dont know anythng about the book, please do not respond.  Must be gramatically correct and NO Plagarism

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