what kind disk controller uses serial signals transfer data instructions and information eid

What kind of disk controller uses serial signals to transfer data, instructions, and information? A) EIDE B) SCSI C) SATA D) SAS 2. COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT Which of the following refers to the process of writing on an optical disc? A) bleeding B) burning C) browning D) blaring 3. COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT Which of the following is not true about caring for optical discs? A) Never bend a disc. B) Moisten a nonabrasive cloth with warm water and ammonia to clean the disc. C) Do not expose discs to extreme temperatures or humidity. D) Store optical discs in jewel boxes and store them vertically. 4. COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT Which statement best describes disk cache? A) an enhanced read/write head that speeds up the revolutions per minute B) memory chips on a hard disk that store frequently accessed items C) bits added to the storage medium in order to have higher density D) a controller that receives a request for data 5. Which of the following is a device that reads and writes data, instructions, and information stored on flash memory cards? A) access stick B) reader/writer C) access port D) restorer
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