Choose the best answer from the following 10 questions




1. What is the main benefit of having every agent trained on every product.

A). Agent will stay in the team longer for the great learning opportunity.

B). Customers will have a more knowledgeable support agent.

C). There is no real benefit and there are a lot of risks associated.

D). You can achieve a quicker response and resolution time.

E). You don’t need to maintain a knowledge base

2. What makes a support agent great and allows them to perform at high levels?

A). Is great at building relationships within the team.

B). Is process oriented and can execute a playbook with repetition.

C). Has great customer relationships.

D.) Is great at using the full functionality of the existing tools.

E). Is a quick learner and always checks the knowledge base.

3. during a new product import you are ask to go lives at the 40 days instead of completing the full 90 days transition. what is your first reaction?

A). We have to ensure or reporting is in place.

B). We have to ensure our agents do even more pair support.

C). We have to ensure our customer data is in our ticketing tool.

D). We have to ensure our telephone line and portal are ready.

E). None of the above, we will push back this decision due to risk.

4. The team’s NPS scores in the last weeks were: 52, 48, 56, 59. What target would you set for next week?

A). 62 because it’s most realistic.

B). 65 because i’d like them to stretch.

C). 75 because it’s our long-term target.

D). 55 because we’re clearing out the backlog and expert negative responses from aged tickets.

5. We are passionate about customer success and measure it through NPS. What would you do to improve the NPS scores for the customer support team.

A). Start an initiative to improve the response rate.

B). Analyse Survey detractors and passives responses and set up an action plan addressing the main issues observed.

C). Coach the agents with the lowest responses rate.

D). Start an initiative to move passive into promoters.

E). Start an awards program for promoters.

6. If you as a customer support manager are struggling, what would you suggest as a course of action to improve.

A). Deep dive into your metrics and discuss your action plans with your manager.

B). Shadow a peer to see what they do.

C). Speak to the team to see what issues they think should be addressed.

D). Suggest that your goals are unrealistic.

E). Ast to move to a different team.

7. What would you do first if the support team is unable to achieve the live contact Speed to Answer SLA.

A). Perform analysis on the incoming call pattern and agent availability.

B). Send a reminder to agents to log into their phones.

C). Raise awareness at the team meeting.

D). Adjust individual goals.

E). Adjust the agent schedule

8. How would you go about getting new ticketing tool ready for use?

A). Use native functionality and implement a really simple process.

B). Ensure it’s integrated plan with all other teams’ tools first.

C). Create a migration plan for all customers and products.

D). Conduct a survey with other companies in the industry to know what they are doing with this tools.

E). Host a workshop with the top 5 agents and come up with creatives ideas.

9. How would you help the team reduce a backlog of agent tickets.

A). Offer a reward of the person who closes the most tickets

B). Take some agents off the phones to handle the backlog

C). Create a daily scorecard showing agents which tickets they should focus on

D). Offer over time to agents to close aged tickets

E). Raise awareness at the team meeting.

10. What do you think is the biggest advantage of pair support?

A). Agents don’t have to wait for own account to be created

B). Agents start learning on day 1 by solving real tickets in real time

C). Experienced agents get help on their tickets from new agents

D). There is no real advantage it’s inefficient

That will be all And I expect the answer.

I have project I want to hand over but I have to see who have the real experience to do so.



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