disaster management 5

Week 7 Emergency Management – Recovery and International Disaster Managment

Assignment Week 7

Read Chapter 7 – The Discipline of Emergency Management: Recovery AND Chapter 8 – International Disaster in the textbook.

View the BBC Documentary “The Dirty Bomb” videos.

Threat of a Dirty Bomb (Links to an external site.)Threat of a Dirty Bomb

Something Else To Fret About: ISIS Mounting Dirty Bombs On Drones

http://inhomelandsecurity.com/isis-dirty-bombs-drones/?utm_source=IHS&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_content=isis-dirty-bombs-drones&utm_campaign=20170908IHS (Links to an external site.)

Explosive Used By ISIS Militants Found In Apartment Near Paris

http://inhomelandsecurity.com/explosive-used-by-is-militants-found-in-apartment-near-paris/ (Links to an external site.)

Inevitability of a dirty bomb

The Inevitability of Dirty Bombs (Links to an external site.)The Inevitability of Dirty Bombs

bbc horizon dirty bomb

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2262ip (Links to an external site.)

nova dirty bomb

Nova program: Dirty Bomb (Links to an external site.)Nova program: Dirty Bomb

Question: This week’s assignment will focus on recovery after a nuclear incident. Assignment submission must be three (3) pages long.

A radiological dispersion device (RDD or dirty bomb) has been detonated in downtown Chicago in an area of high-rise commercial establishments, government buildings and hotels. You are concerned with issues related to both short-term recovery (one year or less) AND long-term recovery (over a year).

There is a three-page maximum length for this assignment. The content of the pages should be as follows:

1. On the first page, list five issues you would find in the short-term recovery and five issues for the long-term recovery. Provide a brief description (1 or 2 sentences max to describe each of the ten issues you noted.

2. The second page should address and fully describe twoof your short-term issues. You need to select only two of the five issues from your short-term list.

3. The third page should address and fully describe two of your long-term issues. Again, you need to select only two of the five issues from your long-term list.

Support each of your four recovery issues with valid Internet research. If you use an article for your research piece, provide at least one properly styled APA “in text reference citation,” including page number(s), for each issue in your response. You should also include a Reference List with properly styled APA source entries. If you researched a video, the URL web address will suffice as long as you include a short statement as to how the video supports the issue AND the approximate time it appears in the video.

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