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You have recently been hired as the Director of Human Resources for Wilson Brothers Canada and have HR responsibility for all of the company’s Canadian operations. Bob and John Wilson have asked you to prepare a report for their review focusing specifically on organizational behavior within the company. Review the Wilson Brothers Case Scenario in depth and address only the required ten (10) topics listed below in your analysis report. Marks are allocated for thoroughness of coverage of the ten required topics and their analysis-linkages to appropriate OB theories and practices from the course and external sources. It is not enough to just describe the happenings at Wilson Bros. Analysis should include the effectiveness of the current approach for each of the ten topics as well as recommendations for improvement in each. Use each topic as a heading in your analysis. While there are no page requirements for the analysis report include all relevant analysis and be concise. Remember this is an Executive Summary for the owners of the company.

The required ten (10) topics to be covered, and subjected to analysis, are:

  • Organizational Design and Structure (Advantages/Disadvantages).
  • Job Design (Use of job design principles to impact employee motivation and employee engagement).
  • Decision Making (How decisions are made and communicated).
  • Equity (Specific issues related to perceived fairness in the organization).
  • Organizational Culture (Culture(s) within the organization and the effect of the culture(s) on organization performance).
  • Organizational Change (Analyze any significant change – current changes being implemented; a recent change already implemented; changes being contemplated for the future).
  • Work Groups/Teams (The existence of group or teams in the organization and their effectiveness).
  • Conflict (Evidence and effect of conflict in the organization and how it is handled).
  • Leadership Style (Leadership style of the owners).
  • Power, Influence and Motivation (The types of power used by the Wilson Brothers and how they impact and influence employee behaviour and motivation).

Each topic is worth 4 marks with the mark allocation as follows:

  • Describe the current situation for each topic at Wilson Brothers. (1 mark)
  • Analyze the effectiveness of their approach i.e. how it helps or hinders. (1 mark)
  • Make recommendations on how Wilson Brothers can improve. (1 mark)
  • Link your recommendations to specific OB theories/concepts. (1 mark)


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