Grand Canyon University Social Science Paper




Write a Paper about Should Graduating High School Students Take a Gap Year? (Yes or No)

Introduction: (You must use the hook first, but the rest of the information can be organized however you wish to use it in this paragraph)

include a hook – statement or statements that capture a reader’s interest

tell what the issue is – if there are any definitions that need to be covered, do so in the introduction

why the issue is important

THIS IS IMPORTANT – if you are arguing for the issue, you need to mention that there are those who oppose the issue and list one or two reasons why they are against it- if you are arguing against the issue, you need to mention that there are those who are for it, and list one or two reasons why they are for it

A THREE POINT Thesis statement – remember you need to list the 3 points that you will be discussion in this sentence  – needs to be ONE sentence

Body Paragraphs 1, 2 & 3 – each will be on a different point, but each will be the same format

The first sentence is the topic sentence and should list the topic/point of the issue, for example:

One reason school districts should require students to wear uniforms is to improve students’ behavior.OR of against, Those who are against school districts having mandatory uniform policies state that these policies infringe on students’ rights to express their individuality.


restate thesis

  • why topic is important
  • mention there is opposition but leave reader with impression the side you argued is the right one
  • You should also refer to the Dos and Donts. Writing Errors List, and the Rubric to help you avoid costly errors on the final draft
  • Please make sure you cite correctly – if not, it may cause plagiarism issues


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