Lynn University Lyft Digital Marketing Strategies Paper

Part 1


31 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns You Can Swipe

You will find a list of 30 brands that have done exceptionally well with digital marketing strategies. Many of those brands have done so successfully in various ways so the list offers different aspects of DM (digital marketing) strategies.

Your task is to pick ONE (1) brand from that list, and follow the guideline below:

Name of brand

Brief summary of the brand’s successful DM strategy(ies)

What you take away from “The Lesson” part of the brand that you chose

The final, and most important, part of the task is for you to design a digital marketing strategy using the material you read from the brand you chose, and apply it to one (1) brand that is known to be struggling (some brands can be found CLICKING THIS ARTICLE HERE (Great American Companies in Serious Danger of Disappearing Forever) ). You may research any brand of your choice that has been struggling to compete.

Follow these guidelines:

Name of struggling brand

Brief summary of their status

point out any declines you may find (i.e sales/revenues, etc., do the research to find data)

Implementation the digital marketing strategy proposal that you found from the successful brand that would be applied to the struggling brand and explain how and why it should work.

Part 2

Click on the following link:…

Read the case study authored by Neil Patel. Answer the following questions in your assignment:

1) What is email segmentation and how should it be used?

2) Explain the effectiveness of behavior segmentation.

3) What are the advantages to sending SMS texts?

4) How are benefit-driven subject lines effective for email open rates?

5) Which method in the article did you find to be most effective for open rates and why?


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