Lynn University Operational Risk Assessment PK Village Stores LLC Case Study




You are an independent consultant who specializes in risk management and loss prevention.

The management of “PK Village Stores LLC” (HYPOTHETICAL COMPANY) has requested a proposal from you for the completion of a Comprehensive Risk Assessment on the entire company’s operation.

To demonstrate your approach to risk management, you have decided to include a “free sample” in your proposal, consisting on the assessment of three possible risk areas, derived from the knowledge you have on the company’s operations as well as from your observations about companies that operate similar business models. (THINK SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTIONS)


Consulting Proposal to be presented to the management of PK Village Stores LLC to prepare a Risk Assessment of their existing operations. (2 PAGES MAX!)

The proposal must contain the following elements:

  • Identification and description of three potential risks that may cause extended disruption in the company’s operations, along with the corresponding characterization in terms of likelihood and severity. (THINK SUPPLY CHAIN)
  • Description of three possible mitigation measures for each of the risks identified above that, if implemented, could reduce their exposure (likelihood) and/or impact (severity).
  • Explanation of the process you would follow to identify and assess risks and propose mitigation measures, should your proposal be the one selected for the comprehensive assessment project.
  • Description of deliverables (major table of contents items) to be included in the final risk assessment report, should you be the chosen consultant to lead this initiative.

Useful tips:

  • Search the web for risk assessment frameworks
  • Search the web for consulting proposals
  • Search the web for business continuity planning
  • Search for articles on supply chain disruptions


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