opportunity zones paper for tax accounting

Write at least three pages summarizing the overarching purpose and general mechanics of Opportunity Zones. This paper should, at a minimum, address the following topics.

•The impetus for establishing Opportunity Zones and the primary objective(s) intended to be achieved by their creation and use

•The basic operation of Opportunity Zones, including how the areas are designated, how taxpayers become involved, eligibility requirements, etc.

•Most significantly, the tax issues associated with Opportunity Zones, including the specific tax benefits available to tax payers who participate in the program

To guide your writing, you are encouraged to begin by reading Subchapter Z. Then, you may consult secondary resources on the topic. These resources include CCH IntelliConnect and Checkpoint editorial content and analyses issued by professional services firms and other organizations. I have included links to the statutes and a few secondary resources below to help you get started. You should make every effort to draft this summary in your own words (i.e., limiting your direct quotation of external sources).

Subchapter Z (https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?path=/prelim@title26/subtitleA/chapter1/subchapterZ&edition=prelim)

Your submission should be appropriately cited and formatted as follows: double spaced, 12 point font, And one inch margins.

Your submission will be evaluated on completion and adherence to the instructions above, but I do expect a bona fide attempt.

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