Organizations Performance Discussion




please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment on the discussion. The current benchmarks used in my health care organization to measure ongoing performance and annual review criteria for an employee consists of the following data to identify areas where improvements can be made:

1) Patient Wait Time

2) Patient Follow-Ups

3) Patients without Assigned Primary Care Providers

4) Patient Satisfaction

5) Inputting Errors/HIPAA Violations

6) Patient Enrollments

7) Patient Discharges

8) Individual Performance: Organizational skills, teamwork, and cooperation, customer service, etc.)

The tools used to collect this data and to share the progress with the employee program through Netsmart Technologies which includes health information/records that helps our organization easily access patient metrics. This also includes employee performance review metrics, and metrics from other competitors. Overall, to improve the efficiency of the organization, we utilize the following benchmarking processes to help us understand and evaluate the productivity and efficiency within our organization:

1) Internal Benchmarking- Comparing processes within our organization. This helps set and meet standards across the board, establishing consistency and ensuring that each department is as efficient as possible.

2) Competitive Benchmarking- Determining how and where other organizations are achieving higher performance levels than our organization. It also helps with comparing the competition’s processes and strategies against our own.

3) Performance Benchmarking- By tracking metrics and KPIs within the business, teams can continue to compare past outcomes to current standards, continuously updating the standard for improved performance. This type of benchmarking is focused on improving key business functions over time (Cross, 2018).


Cross, V. (2018, October 26). Performance Metrics & Benchmarking Goals for Employees. Small Business – Chron.Com. Retrieved March 16, 2022, from


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