police society

I need it in 30 minutes please. 


On page #55 of your Police & Society book is a list of 6 questions under Critical Thinking Questions. Your assignment for the next class period is to read question #3 and type an answer to the two part question. It should be no less than a paragraph, 12 point, times new roman font of course and double spaced, and no more than three paragraphs. I am not looking for a 5 page paper here folks. I just want some insight into your opinion on the matter.

DO NOT answer it in the way that you THINK I want it to be answered. Remember this is a FREE society and we have individual thoughts on a wide range of subject matters. So, I am asking you to read the two part question and take a few minutes to think about it and then give me your honest interpretation of how you feel about it. 

Read the attached file. and then answer the quistion below. 

The quiestion is : Identify and explain the characteristics of reform policing. why did reform era policing develop in the united state?


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