Preliminary Research Design Proposal

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Deadline for the 1st is January 27, 2020 and for the final February 5, 2020

Price is negotiable $150

*Due January 27, 2020 – Preliminary Research Design Proposal

You are to submit a 5-10  page preliminary research proposal pertinent to your selected  research topic or evaluation plan.   The paper will follow the provided outline and be submitted for feedback  to the instructor and in the discussion posts for peer review and comments.  The paper will briefly describe how the student plans to address parts I, III, IV,  and V  from the outline for the Final Research Proposal.   The outline for the Final Research Proposal is posted here:

Research Proposal Outline.docx

and on the course homepage.  The numerical outline sections can become subtopics of your paper.   This preliminary paper should have at least 5 references.

The paper should be academic and formal in tone and content.  Utilize appropriate APA guidelines for style, pagination, references, and citations.  Submit the preliminary proposal here for instructor evaluation and in the discussion post  for peer review.  Once you receive feedback and have modified, corrected, and added additional information and subtopics to your Preliminary Research Design Proposal, it will become your Final Research Proposal.

Refer to posts on the homepage for detailed instructions on the Preliminary Research Design Proposal and the Final Research Proposal.

NOTE:  The page count is determined by the BODY OF THE PAPER.  Page count does not include the title page, reference pages,  nor  partial pages.  Exceeding 10 pages is allowed but not required.

*Due (February 5, 2020) – Final Research paper

The Research Proposal will be a paper of moderate length (10 to 15 pages) dealing with your selected research topic or evaluation  plan.  The paper should reflect recent best practices and include clear, specific references to current literature.  At least 10 sources should be utilized. You will follow the provided outline.   The final paper will incorporate changes to your revised Preliminary Research Proposal, including instructor recommendations and input from students.  Further, the final topics from the outline will be covered.  The paper should be academic and formal in tone and content, and should utilize appropriate APA guidelines for style, pagination, references, and citations.   You will submit the Research Proposal to the instructor for review and grade.  You will also submit the Research Proposal for class members to review.  The class will evaluate the proposal according to selected criteria.  The class members will rate the research proposal on each of the criteria.

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