SOC 1001 Sociology Discussion




As your textbook states, much  of our knowledge is based on tradition, a handing down of statements,  beliefs, and customs from generation to generation (“The groom’s parents  should pay for the wedding rehearsal dinner”).

Another common  source of knowledge is authority, a socially accepted source of  information that includes “experts,” parents, government officials,  agencies/organizations, police, judges, and religious leaders (“My mom  says that . . .” or “According to the American Heart Association . .  .”).

In your post, answering ALL of the following questions:

Provide an examples of authorities (people or groups who can provide knowledge based on authority) in your family or society.

What do they believe in and/or say?

  • Why might these beliefs be important to society or certain people?
  • Are any of them contradicted by research (or would they be – if so, provide an outside link or source to such a contradiction)
  • Do you believe the authority or the research (why or why not)?


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