University of Phoenix Career Theory & Client Goals Discussion

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Read the following case study for this week’s discussion:

Josiah is a 63-year-old cisgender male and father of 4, working as a driver for a ride-share company and a personal shopper to make ends meet after he was laid off from his job working in IT. He did not have a formal degree to complement his work, but he did have years of experience fixing computer networks and handling minor security updates. His employer stated that they would be happy to hire him back for a higher position if he obtains his degree. Josiah is nearing retirement age but has no retirement funds saved. He has stated that his cultural belief is that education is “wasted on the old,” and he would rather his energy be focused on supporting his children through their university education. He has come to you with concerns about being able to support his family and the physical demands of his sporadic work. When he is busy, the work is extremely demanding, and he is interested in talking about his options for work.

For initial posts, respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Which career theory would you use to help this client?
  • What potential client goals would you propose in this situation, according to your theory?


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