Sociology impact Assignment help

Chapter Questions

Writing Instructions

Hello every one! Here are the instructions for

answering the chapter questions.

For each chapter, I have chosen 2-3 questions for you to answer.

These questions cover the important parts of each chapter, and they

are a way for you to express your own personal reactions to the text.

They are also a way to show me you understand the material and

reviewed the chapter online. Be creative! Have fun with this

assignment. I look forward to reading your perspectives!

Start each page off with the following heading:

Your Name

Course Number: SOCI1010-L-3

Prof. Jennifer Lawer

Date: September 4, 2013

Questions for Analysis: Chapter 1

Also cut and paste this citation for the textbook:

Essentials of Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach 11 th Ed. By James M. Henslin. Pearson:

Edwardsville, 2013. Pp. viii – 479.

(Quotes: Quotations from textbook are welcome. Just include quotation

marks and the page number in parentheses: “Example” (Henslin, p.1)).

Also include the question that you are answering in italics. Then write

your response below.

1. According to Durkheim, why do Jews, Catholics and Protestants have different suicide

rates? Please feel free to include your own personal reflections.

Please answer in complete sentences. Usually each set of Questions

for Analysis includes two chapters. Each Chapter Questions includes a

suggested length. Usually the length is 1-3 pages. I include these

guidelines on each week’s Chapter Questions document.

Paper settings should be in alignment left. Double spaced. 12 point

font. Please delete any extra spaces. Two inch margins.

Here are some tips and FAQs for Writing the Questions for Analysis

Tips and FAQs

– Illustrate your brain’s interaction with the readings. Focus on ANALYSIS (not


– Try and introduce the main idea of your paragraph in the first few sentences of each

paragraph. This will make your paper easier to follow. It also helps the reader understand

the purpose of each paragraph in the first few lines.

– You are free to use the text book as much or as little as you want; just show me that you

understand the concept in the book.

– Illustrate your knowledge of the text with details and vocabulary words when possible.

– * I will include additional details on the audio slides to help clarify ideas that pertain to

the questions of analysis.

Things to AVOID:

– Do not use contractions (such as ain’t, can’t and shouldn’t).

– Do not use “a lot” in your paper.

– Do not use split infinitives, such as “to quickly run”.

– Avoid long paragraphs. (Try to create a new paragraph after 6-8 sentences).

Questions for Analysis I: Chapters 1 and 2

Chapters 1: Write a paragraph or more on each of the following questions, (unless specified.)

1. According to Durkheim, why do Jews, Catholics and Protestants have different suicide rates?

Please feel free to include your own personal reflections.

2. The three major sociological theories were introduced in this chapter. Symbolic Interactionism,

Functionalism, and Conflict Theory. Briefly explain each theory in a sentence or two, and explain

why these theories illustrate “macro” or “micro” Sociology.

3. Briefly (in a few sentences) explain why Emile Durkheim’s study on suicide illustrates


Doing Sociological Research

4. In the following question, identify the independent variable, the dependent variable, the control

group and the experimental groups. (short answer)

I would like to conduct a study to see if there is a relationship between stress levels and the amount of

time spent listening to music. I have three subjects, subject A, subject B and subject C, and I have

arranged an experiment. Each subject was given a different amount of music to listen to over the course

of one day. A was given three hours of music to listen to. Subject B, listened to a half hour of music.

Subject C did not listen to any music. The stress levels were then recorded among all three subjects.


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