What Are The Social Implications Of Each Theory?

AP/SOSC1140 9.00

Self, Culture and Society

Summer 2020


Assigned:  July 26 on Moodle

Due:           Week of August 16 (Tutorial Day) as Instructed by your Tutorial Leader

This is the last date to complete course work.

Length:      7  pages maximum including the Required Question

Format:     Double-spaced. 2.5cm (1″) Margins. Times New Roman Font. Size 12.


Attach Turnitin Receipt to your essay.



Use only the Course Kit and class notes. A paper containing any information from the Internet will receive a grade of zero. Provide proper citations in the format suggested by your tutorial leader.



Required Question worth 10 marks. This is a short answer: one page maximum.

State and briefly explain the two interpretations of the instincts that were discussed in this course.

What are the social implications of each theory?

[Note that this refers to two interpretations of the instincts, not to two instincts]


The Essay is graded out of 90 for a total grade of 100 on the assignment.




Approaches to understanding self, culture and society focus on material conditions or ideological conditions or a combination of both.  The term “material” here means production, exchange and the organization of society.  The term “ideological” in this case means ideas that are prevalent in society.


Explain our present material conditions and their possible alternatives according to Rifkin.

Explain our present ideological conditions and their possible alternatives according to Roszak.


Show how an understanding of both material conditions and ideological conditions is necessary in order to understand our social situation, and its possible alternatives.

Include 2 additional authors in this discussion, chosen from the list of authors below.

You may not use an author you have written on previously.


It is essential to demonstrate both our present material and ideological conditions and, with equal importance, the possible alternatives according to the authors.


List of Authors from the Course Kit:


Karen Anderson                                  Theodore Adorno

  1. Wright Mills                                   Lorne Tepperman

Stanley Diamond                                bell hooks (write on only one of her texts)

John Stuart Mill                                  Adamson, Briskin and McPhail

Boldt and Long                                  Marvin Harris

Bowles, Edwards and Roosevelt        Evelyn Kallen

J.H. Plumb                                          Charles Reich

Ernest Schachtel                                 Will Tuttle

Sigmund Freud

Iredell Jenkins

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