Sociology Question




This quiz is designed to help you understand what goes into developing effective quiz questions. In an in person course, I allow students to craft and bring a “cheat sheet” for the final. Many students think that the information they include will help for lack of studying, but in fact the creation of the cheat sheet (sifting through the material, determining what is important to know, what you may need to know more about, etc.) is what helps students most. Also, I want you to gain some understanding of what the process of quiz crafting entails for professors and an idea of the skill set this requires.

I suggest crafting your questions first in a doc to cut/paste here.

For this quiz, you will create 5 quiz questions including two from each of the following (multiple choice, true/false, etc.) and one essay question. For example, you could develop 2 multiple choice questions and two T/F with your one essay question. You will include a minimum of 3 answer options for each M/C question. The content of your questions, formatting, subject matter, language, and overall quality will all be considered in your grade (each question can potentially earn 4 points for excellent work). You will learn more from the quiz question writing resource provided on CC.


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